What We Create

  • Parallax Websites

    Single page parallax websites are modern and mobile friendly. They can serve as wonderful landing pages that are eye-catching and extremely attractive, while still displaying a maximum level of content to get your business strategy the views you need.

  • Multi-Page Websites

    When a single page is just not enough to demonstrate the full capabilities of your company, a multi-page site may be necessary to solve this dilemma. Smooth transitions from your landing page to other pages create breathtaking visuals while allowing for maximal content.

  • E-Commerce Websites

    In today's web world, unfortunately, there is more to an e-commerce website than slapping a storefront onto a web page. We specialize in taking the time to fully plan and explore the leading methods to approach your specific needs when it comes to your brand and what you sell. Not every store is the same, and we want yours to stand tall above the rest.

  • App Development

    Multi-functional, customizable, and fully branded applications designed to be native to iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Our mobile applications can revolutionize the way your customers interact with your website, product lines, and merchant systems. We aim to build all-in-one and one-stop-shop apps that can do it all.

  • Logo Design

    The brain child of any company's marketing strategy is the logo. In one simple image, it can express your passion, your mission statement, and your dedication to your craft. We want to infuse your brand into that image to perfectly express your company on a graphical level. Want to revive an old logo? Great! We can help with that too, making sure to keep the history while reinvigorating it with a new passion.

  • Graphic Design

    One commonly forgotten aspect of business marketing is graphical assistance. Your ads, social media posts, even letterhead just wouldn't be the same without graphics that truly represent your brand and give your marketing strategy an extra edge above.

  • Content Development

    Struggling to write your own content in blog posts? We understand that writing is not for everyone and while you may just have the perfect idea in your mind, you may not have the ability to turn that idea into words that express your great thoughts. Our partnership with All Things Writing, LLC can turn your ideas into written gold and keep your brand holding strong.

  • Custom Design & Development Packages

    Are you not sure of your needs when it comes to content for your app, website, blog, or marketing ads? Let us help. Our team is dedicated to supporting your brand and giving it that extra boost to get your company name at the top of the charts.

The Right Stuff...

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Chelsea Tompkins

Web Development and Graphic Design
Chelsea has a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology and 4 years practical experience in the web and graphic design industry. She enjoys Treehouse to learn new skills on the fly. Aspiring to stand out from the rest, Chelsea joined Matthew Walker to form Element Media & Design.

Matthew Walker

Mobile and Web Development
Matthew has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and has developed 4 successful apps within the past 5 years. He is currently enrolled in a Technical Degree through Treehouse for Native iOS/Android Development. He formed Element Media & Design with Chelsea to offer great design at affordable prices.

Amy Sharo

Executive Assistant; Development & Design
Amy has a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology and about a year of practical experience in the web design industry. She is enrolled at Full Sail and has completed half her degree, but enjoys expanding her skills through Treehouse, where she has completed about 10 months worth of "classes".

Web Design

Basic Website

Starting at $499


Custom Website

Starting at $1499

App Development

Basic Web App

Starting at $499


Custom Mobile App

Starting at $999

Fair and Transparent Pricing

We don't believe in wasting your time, or ours, so our pricing is always available up front. We believe there is value in great service, but that service should also be affordable for the average person.

Our low overhead allows us to transfer BIG savings on to our clients. Hover over the images to the left and right for more information and prices for our services.

Contact us for more information.

Logos & Graphics

Basic Logo/Custom Logo

Starting at $99/Starting at $349


Basic Graphics/Custom Graphics

$100 per graphic

Content Development

Pricing Varies depending on content needed. Free 30-min consultation provided prior to quoting.

Other Services

Basic Hosting

Starting at $15/month


Deluxe Hosting

Starting at $30/month


Yearly Web Maintenance

$50/month or $500/annually


Copy Editing/Proofing

$50/item or $299/website(20 pages)

The origin of Element Media & Design

Element Media & Design is a company born out of frustration. Vexed with the current state and pricing structures of today's web design and app development firms, Element Media & Design rose from the ashes with a mission to correct this overly saturated and profit-driven industry.

Our revelation regarding the industry allowed us to rethink the way we plan, develop, and deliver our products to our clients. Our process allows us to use a wide multitude of tools while maintaining a cost-conscious attitude, saving the client money while delivering the highest quality product possible.


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Katherine Gotthardt

Element Media's team of creative professionals has come through for us on several occasions when we've needed logos, brochures and websites for our clients. Highly recommend!

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